Kids shining set, 4 pcs., with gift box

Kids shining set, 4 pcs., with gift box

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Kids set has been designed to be fit for our children’s small hands. Our purpose of designing a unique product for children is to generate desire to accompany you in eating. This spoon and fork is a good commemorative for the children when they become adults.
Correct eating customs are one of the skills learned by children during their early years. Availability of standard spoon and fork made from fully healthy raw materials is quite important in order for better strengthening this skill as well as protecting the health of our beloved children. Therefore, we have made and supplied certain spoon and fork from high quality raw materials in addition to being easily usable and attractive for the children. Nab Steel Kids set has been designed considering children taste and our children’s small hands. Our purpose of designing a unique product for children is to generate desire to accompany you in eating.

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In stock
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ویژگی ها

  • 10/18 stainless steel: 10/18 stainless steel is a combination containing nickel and chrome. This type of steel has a high resistance against corrosion and rusting, which all caused Nab Steel spoon and fork products with long, effective lifetime.
  • Washable using dishwasher: all shining steel spoons and forks may be washed using dishwasher.
  • Resistant against blackening and rusting: The best steel type has been used to make Nab Steel products, so enable them have high resistance against blackening, rusting and scratches, in case of correct usage.
  • Gift box: Best raw materials have been used to make gift boxes. Attraction of these boxes have made them become a suitable choice for gifts.
  • 25 years after-sales services: All Nab Steel products have 25 years warranty in compliance to washing culture.
  • Variable and practical items: Items available in Nab Steel sets have been selected in a certain way to meet the buyers’ requirements in the best possible manner.


آیکون قاشق غذاخوری
آیکون چنگال غذاخوری
آیکون کارد غذاخوری
آیکون قاشق چای‌خوری

1 Pc Dining spoon

1 Pc Dining Fork

1 Pc Serving Knife

1 Pc Dessertspoon

نگه داری و شست و شو

  • Remove the food remnant on spoon and fork after usage.
  • Dry spoon and fork after washing.
  • Never use highly acidic or alkaline washing substances (e.g. bleaching liquid)
  • Prevent your products from hitting each other when handling and washing them, as such hitting results in scratching your products.
  • Avoid using scrubs and wire sponge, as they scratch your products.
  • Fingerprints may remain on spoons and forks when using, which are easily removed through washing by warm water and drying by soft cloth.
  • Washable using dishwasher.


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